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Tabletop Dividers for Offices, Schools & More

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses, schools and other gathering places define personal space. While collaboration is still beneficial, we've learned that having a barrier between workers, students, customers, and diners is healthier and less prone to promoting virus spread. Clear acrylic table dividers are a great way to keep people at a safe distance while still allowing visibility for conversation and interaction.

Table dividers are designed to create separation in situations where maintaining a six-foot distance between people is not possible or practical. Using them is just smart business to keep everyone in your space safe and healthy.

Table Dividers for Every Purpose

Table dividers come in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of the offerings and selections from NextGen Furniture include:

  • Desk Shields: Desk shields are available as single panel sneeze guards or divided into multiple sections. They can be adapted to most any office or classroom configuration.
  • Table Shields: Table shields are also very adaptable. We have shields designed to fit perfectly on 36”, 48” and 60” round classroom and cafeteria tables and on 8', 10' or 12' rectangular cafeteria or worktables.
  • Tabletop Dividers: Tabletop dividers can be set up virtually anywhere. They come in a variety of styles, with options of two or three-sided designs as well as units that divide tables into multiple zones to accommodate up to twelve users.

Just a few of the places where table dividers are useful are workstations in offices, cafeterias, libraries, classrooms, daycare centers, retail stores and lunch counters. You can even utilize our sneeze guards in churches around the pulpit to protect both the minister and the congregation.

All our tabletop dividers are easy to assemble, free from sharp edges and easy to clean with soap and water or commercial cleaners rated safe for use on acrylics. They are designed to sit securely on tabletops for maximum protection from coughs and sneezes while still allowing easy setup, transport, and storage to accommodate changing needs.

Table dividers belong as part of your business or organization's COVID essentials. NextGen Furniture has a variety of desk and table shields for you to choose from for your school, cafeteria, or other gathering place. Our priority is keeping you and your customers, workers, and students safe and healthy. Shop our collection today!