The Nextgen Active Collection is a group of products engineered to keep students and workers healthy in their day-to-day lives. We hand-select furniture that is designed and built for a lifestyle that emphasizes Ergonomics, Focus, Motion, and Health.

How Active Seating Helps

Once upon a time, mothers and teachers told children to sit still or sit up straight. If you were one of those children, you probably weren’t comfortable with it then and you aren’t comfortable with it now.

The Nextgen Active Collection includes a wide variety of active seating products that let today’s school children and adults in the workplace wobble, perch or lean, fidget and rock to enjoy a more comfortable and productive day.

We also know that it’s important to have the right balance of activity throughout the day. Ergonomists recommend every 30-minute period should include 20 minutes of sitting, leaning or perching combined with 8 minutes of standing and 2 minutes of movement.

Standing Desks and Tables For Work

For those 8 minutes of standing, our Active Collection includes a variety of sit/stand desks, tables and workstations that let you quickly and easily transition from sitting to standing without missing a beat. We also have a selection of ergonomic accessories to make the change from sitting to standing even more productive and beneficial.

And what about those 2 minutes of movement? Well, your body wants to move, so move it. Walk, run, stretch, bend or do whatever makes you feel good.

Check out Active Sitting Benefits in Classroom and Workplace for some tips on ways to stay on the move in school or at work.