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Markerboards for Sale

At NextGen Furniture, you can find a wide array of classroom and office furnishings, like markerboards, for sale online. When you buy dry erase boards from NextGen Furniture, you’ll get an excellent deal on a high-quality classroom and office essential. We feature products that are ideal for everyday use and standing up to the wear and tear that accompanies it. In fact, all our furniture is crafted with durability and functionality in mind. Whether you use whiteboards in your conference room, training facility, science lab, or college classroom, you'll find that we offer a myriad of high-quality models at affordable prices.

If you’re searching for markerboards for sale online, check out our vast inventory. You can choose from stand-alone models, wall-mounted models, magnetic whiteboards in frames, grid and graphic whiteboards, non-magnetic markerboards, cabinet-style markerboards, and more. Looking for reversible markerboards? Simply peruse our website to find a wide range of high-quality reversible markerboards for sale. Because we feature an extensive array of products for sale online, you can choose a markerboard model that perfectly complements your office or classroom style. In addition to being available in a range of styles, our markerboards for sale online are also easy to keep clean — simply wipe them down after use to maintain their bright, white surface!

Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards from NextGen Furniture provide teachers, professors, instructors, executives, and meeting leaders with an effective tool for conveying information. When you buy dry erase boards from NextGen Furniture, you can use them to outline classroom assignments, work out math formulas, post chemical formulas, diagram sentences, create lists, and so much more. We feature markerboards for sale that are crafted from quality materials so they can be relied on for daily use.

Our dry erase boards are useful for keeping students or meeting participants engaged. Use them with colorful markers to create dynamic whiteboard presentations. When finished, simply erase your work and your whiteboard will be ready for the next presentation.

Dry Erase Tables

Looking for trendy dry erase tables for your school classroom? You can find them now at NextGen Furniture. Dry erase tables allow students to easily collaborate with other students, saving paper while working out problems on their white board tables. These products are easy to clean and popular with students. We also feature a wide range of classroom chairs that will complement your new dry erase tables. All of our items are sturdy and crafted for lasting durability.

Other School and Office Furnishings

NextGen Furniture offers a vast selection of products that are ideal for schools, office settings, medical facilities, and more. We feature:

  • Clear dividers for sale
  • Stand-up desks
  • Stackable hard plastic chairs
  • Traditional hardwood ladderback chairs
  • Multimedia tables
  • Metal lockers
  • Work benches
  • Activity tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Teacher desks
  • Adjustable stools
  • Bookcases
  • Moveable storage carts
  • And more!

Request a Quote for Bulk Orders Today!

Visit NextGen Furniture for all your wholesale markerboard needs. Buy a single dry erase board for your conference room or purchase them in bulk for the entire school district's classrooms. We're able to maintain our low prices because we sell online, and our customers can find high-quality products for classrooms and offices from global manufacturers at our everyday wholesale prices. We carefully curate our offerings to ensure they meet our standards for quality. Shop our online store to find the premium-quality furnishings you need at affordable prices. Contact us to request a quote for your bulk order today!