Science Lab Furniture

Scientific labs are defined by the furniture and equipment they have on hand. No matter what kind of science you are working on, you will need the furniture, equipment, and storage space required to keep your lab space as neat and organized as possible. Whether you work out of a professional science robotics lab or teach the scientists of tomorrow at the high school or collegiate level, you want your space to have the storage capability for all your needs.

Thanks to NextGen Furniture, you can furnish your lab with everything you need. Our inventory features a variety of storage units, desks, hoods, and workstations to complete science labs specializing in anything from advanced robotics to high school chemistry.

Fume Hoods

No matter the scientists' age, there will almost always be a degree of dangerous fumes coming from your science lab. It comes with the territory of using reactive materials and learning how they react to different elements. Mistakes will almost certainly be made — after all, it's part of the learning process. Instead of letting your lab fill up with these fumes, NextGen Furniture has a curated selection of fume hoods on hand for you!

Fume hoods can give research teams and students alike a safe area to work with reactive chemicals that can generate harmful fumes. These hoods allow for experiments to be conducted safely, with mechanisms in place to allow for proper ventilation of any potentially toxic aerosolized by-products.

Whether your lab operates at a professional level or in an educational setting, NextGen Furniture offers you the chance to outfit your space with top-of-the-line fume hoods! Our team has selected each piece of equipment that we offer to professional and educational labs through our online inventory to ensure that our customers have access to the best equipment possible for any science lab!

Lab Desks

Every lab needs an assortment of desks to accommodate their brilliant scientists. These lab desks allow your team or classroom to properly conduct their experiments and keep their notes and materials organized in a specific way.

Our desk selection includes anything from specialized instructor desks to student workstations and freestanding science tables. Our full inventory of lab desks and science tables provides our customers with an outstanding variety of science-related furniture to choose from for their space!

NextGen Furniture has gone to great lengths to ensure that every piece of furniture and storage space that comes through our online shop meets the industry's highest standards. We want you to feel confident that every lab table, desk, and storage unit that we offer remains durable, versatile, and useful for any type of science experiment, research project, or classroom lecture for years to come!

Does your science lab need an infusion of new furniture, fume hoods, and multi-use storage spaces? If so, we encourage you to browse through our extensive collection and find the furniture and accessories that your area needs to provide your team and students with the comfortable lab experience they deserve!