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As you're looking around your classroom, does it feel like you need new sturdy tables that also have a degree of adaptability? The kids you interact with daily are always changing and growing. Wouldn't it be nice to have activity tables for your school that can change with them? Thanks to NextGen Furniture, now you can!

Our inventory features inexpensive, heavy-duty school activity tables with adjustable legs that can be set to specific heights to fit your classroom’s needs and budgets. These school tables feature a scratch- and stain-resistant top made from low-pressure laminate to provide a durable and versatile option for your spaces. The NextGen Furniture team has conducted extensive research and learned everything we can about these sturdy and utility-focused furniture options.

Wholesale Adjustable Tables

School activity tables have the job of being the focal point of the classroom and need to fit various functions. No matter the space you have available to you, our adjustable table inventory has multiple shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Our customers have various needs for their spaces. Depending on your setting, you may need particular lengths or different shapes, which means you need to buy from a supplier that carries any type of adjustable table imaginable. This is where NextGen Furniture comes in, as we have an extensive variety of activity tables that will fit and maximize your school’s needs!

At NextGen Furniture, we've done the research and learned the ins and outs of what makes a quality classroom activity table for different uses. We've found a wide range of shapes, sizes, and adjustability that educators prioritize when designing their classrooms. We prioritize getting functional school tables that can withstand the demands of an active classroom and provide you with years of sustained use before needing a replacement.

Are you interested in quality adjustable school tables that can grow with your needs? NextGen Furniture offers a variety of inexpensive, utility-focused and adjustable heavy-duty table options for your school’s classroom. Browse our inventory to find the table that meets your needs today!

Have questions for the NextGen Furniture team? Don't hesitate to reach and learn more about our process or any of the tables we've selected. Our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have!