Screenflex Clear Room Divider

NextGen Model #: 00947-001

Clear Room Dividers

NextGen Furniture features high-quality furnishings for schools, libraries, offices, medical reception areas, and more. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many facilities to revamp their spaces, replace their furnishings with easy-to-sanitize chairs, and employ moveable clear room dividers designed to reduce the spread of germs. We feature Screenflex Clear Room Dividers that provide protection against germ spread while making it easy to partition sections of classrooms, waiting rooms, offices, and more. NextGen Furniture sells furnishings like these online, so browse our selection to find high-quality wholesale furniture at affordable prices!

We offer dividers for sale that are crafted from clear acrylic. You can use these clear dividers for reception area spaces, school classrooms, offices, libraries, and more. Clear room dividers allow facilities to section off spaces without diminishing views. They can be utilized to create a barrier between staff members and students or patients to help prevent the spread of germs like Covid-19, flu, and even the common cold. As Covid Essentials, these clear room dividers provide a safeguard for indoor spaces, especially where social distancing is not possible.

Moveable Clear Acrylic Dividers

Moveable clear acrylic dividers are ideal for classroom and waiting room settings, especially since staff members can easily transport them when needed. Portable and freestanding, these movable clear acrylic dividers are for sale at wholesale prices at NextGen Furniture. Medical facilities and schools can buy them in bulk so they’ll have the supplies they need for each facility classroom, waiting room, reception area, office, and a variety of other spaces.

Screenflex Clear Room Dividers

NextGen Furniture features Screenflex Clear Room Dividers for sale to help facilities partition their spaces without obstructing views for staff members. These acrylic room dividers are Covid essentials because they can provide sneeze guard protection for room occupants. When coupled with other safety measures like masks and social distancing, Screenflex Clear Room Dividers can provide robust protection in facilities who must operate during this pandemic, as well as flu and cold season.

Screenflex clear acrylic room dividers are highly versatile. Easy to transport and place, they can be used at airports, hotels, indoor play areas, retail shopping centers, and, of course, schools and medical facilities. Their clear design allows for unobstructed views, so facilities can maintain supervision when these partitions are in place.

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NextGen Furniture features a wide selection of furnishings that are ideal for schools, churches, libraries, reception areas, offices, and more. Our inventory includes high-quality school desks, stand up desks, adjustable stools, stackable chairs, multimedia tables, and much more. We carry furnishings from roughly 100 different manufacturers to provide customers with an expansive selection of high-quality furnishings.

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