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Screenflex Clear Room Divider

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There are times when a clear partition provides a distinct advantage over traditional fabric-covered partitions. These Clear Room Dividers are ideal when you need to control or contain an area but still need to have an unobstructed view of what’s happening on the other side of the barrier.  

See-through walls are perfect for a variety of applications:

  • Check-In Barrier- Portable Plexiglass walls are perfect for any medical facility right at the reception area. In hospitals, primary care facilities, and dentist offices, plexiglass room dividers act as a line of defense from infectious diseases spreading to either medical staff or patients. The transparent semi- plastic barrier allows communication to continue on either side of the partition as well. If there are multiple patients at reception, the Clear Dividers can act as a sneeze guard and also a form of crowd control between people. Since these dividers are freestanding and portable, they can easily be moved to different areas of the facility as needed.
  • Security Wall – Clear partition walls are ideal for security situations in airports, hotels, or school lobbies because they allow you to restrict access and also see what is beyond the barrier. They are also a great way to create cooperative learning environments in classrooms or libraries. Since you can write on them, using rolling, translucent wall panels allow you to post information without being tied to a wall, and it won’t block your view of the rest of the room. You can use see-through walls in educational settings such as classrooms, student unions, cafeterias, and lobby spaces. A clear partition is also ideal for restaurants, open-concept kitchens, and museums.

These Clear Dividers use 3/16-inch crystal-clear OPTIX® acrylic to create these versatile clear panels. OPTIX® acrylic is non-yellowing, lightweight, and highly impact-resistant.These plexiglass room dividers are three times as strong as double-strength window glass. For added durability, these translucent wall panels are affixed to the custom anodized extruded aluminum channels with a silicone adhesive. Minor assembly is required for one panel clear dividers.


Clear Dividers from Screenflex Room Dividers on Vimeo.

Product Specifications

Lead Time10 Days
Requires AssemblyNo
Freight Class100