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KwikBoost EdgePower™ Desktop Charging Station System, Medium Use Bundle

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The Power You Need for the Devices They Use.

Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, corporate events manager, or business professional, you face the problem of too many power-hungry devices and not enough available outlets. Up until now, you were forced to either create a trip hazard by running unsightly extension cords and power strips, or invest in costly infrastructure.

No Outlet. No Cord. No Problem. The KwikBoost EdgePower is an innovative new battery-powered charging station that easily clamps onto the edges of desks and tables to provide a neat, clean, 100% cord-free way to charge the devices we use every day. 

EdgePower is designed to deliver convenient, easily-accessible power to practically any desk or tabletop surface. This premium-quality rechargeable portable power station has the capacity to provide multiple, full recharges to high-draw devices like laptops and Chromebooks, enabling hours of uninterrupted use.

EdgePower is an ideal solution to optimize COVID-era classrooms and offices. EdgePower makes it easy to space desks and tables safely apart while still providing access to device charging regardless of proximity to an electrical outlet.

EdgePower takes the guesswork out of choosing the right setup for your work or learning space with a choice of 5 bundle options. Choose the bundle you need based on the number of users and how often each user may need supplemental power. If your needs increase in the future, it’s easy to expand and scale up your EdgePower with additional components.

The KwikBoost EdgePower Medium Use Bundle includes 6 Rechargeable Batteries, 3 Clamp-On Desktop Charging Units, plus a 3-Bay Base Charging Station. This system is ideal for small-to-medium-sized rooms where users require continual access to supplemental power.

  • Eliminates the need for extension cords and power strips, which are inconvenient, unsightly, and a potential trip hazard
  • A single EdgePower rechargeable power bank can charge a typical laptop up to 2 times, an average smartphone up to 14 times, and a standard Chromebook or tablet up to 4 times
  • If desired, each battery-powered charging station can simultaneously charge a laptop and 2 mobile devices
  • Since they move with the desks or tabletops, EdgePower portable power stations make reconfiguring a room easier by eliminating the need to unplug devices
  • Each Clamp-On Desktop Power Hub Unit offers a 100V-120V 100W AC outlet, USB-C PD charging port, and a USB-A charging port with Quick Charge 3.0 technology
  • The Clamp-On Desktop Unit works with EdgePower Rechargeable Batteries, which are interchangeable to allow for extended use
  • The rechargeable power stations clamp onto desks and tabletop surfaces up to 1.5" thick
  • Backlit On/Off switch activates and deactivates the AC outlets to help conserve batteries
  • 3-bay base charging station has a Kensington Security Slot for theft deterrence (lock not included)
  • Recommended number of users (constant use): 3
  • Recommended number of users (frequent use): Up to 12


Product Specifications

Lead Time4-7 business days
Freight Class70