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Hexagon 6-Person Science Workstation, Phenolic Top, Book Boxes, Power Strips

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Empower Your Team's Potential!

Empower your students, enhance their learning experience, and create a more engaging classroom environment with the Hexagon Science Workstation, a visionary blend of innovation and practicality.

The hexagon shaped tabletop offers an unparalleled space for six dynamic workstations. Thoughtful design maximizes the workstation capacity while also ensuring that every student has easy access to electricity with strategically placed outlet plugs. Book boxes and built-in storage nooks provide convenient storage. Security meets elegance in the cabinet base with lockable doors, five-knuckle wrap-around hinges, and an adjustable-height shelf.

Step into the powered realm where an internal power hub is located in the cabinet beneath the tabletop. Three of the storage nooks feature built-in UL-approved power hubs that facilitate plug and play convenience for six individuals, eliminating the need for complex electrical installations. Each power port features two tamper-resistant AC outlets, a USB type A charging port, and a USB type C charging port for seamless connectivity.

Crafted from 3/4" plywood with an oak veneer and black edge banding, this workstation is a beacon of durability and sophistication. This workstation features a 3/4"-thick black Phenolic Resin tabletop with a matte finish. The top is impervious to extreme cold, heat up to 275 degrees as well as damage from virtually any chemical, acid of possibly corrosive substance that may be found in a laboratory setting. The inclusion of a rubber toe kick with mounting brackets adds an extra layer of protection against spills.

• Accommodates 6 students
• Black, 3/4" thick phenolic top is highly impervious to most chemicals, acids, corrosives, stains and moisture 
• Top is resistant to water a 13 commonly used laboratory chemicals
• 6 book boxes for open storage with easy accessibility
• 6 built-in storage nooks for storing personal items away from the tabletop where chemicals are being used
• Internal power hub features a 10-outlet + 4 USB Input surge protected power strip with a 15 ft. cord
• Three built-in UL-approved power hubs, each with two tamper resistant AC outlets, one USB type A charging port and one USB type C charging port
• Cabinet base constructed of 3/4" plywood with an oak veneer and black edge banding
• Cabinet has lockable doors and 1 adjustable height shelf
• Doors feature five-knuckle wrap-around hinges
• Rubber toe kick protects against spills or damages
• Shipped ready to assemble

Product Specifications

Lead Time7 Days
Product Dimensions68" x 60" x 36" H
Requires AssemblyYes
Freight Class250