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Muzo Kite® Mobile Dry-Erase Flip-Top Folding/Nesting Table, Rectangle, 59" W x 29.5" D

NextGen Model #:

A mobile, flip-top folding table system that makes life easier.

Kite is more than a table system. It is a dynamic, fluid tool that makes any collaboration more effective.

Kite transforms your space into a living space. It can be quickly adapted to your ever-changing needs and requirements. Simple to move, fold and store, Kite is designed to allow people to work and collaborate whenever, wherever. 

The vast number of configurations that can be achieved with the Kite Table System lets you tailor an area in the moment, to suit your needs and to support interactions for all. 

You can combine shapes, sizes and even heights to create a wide variety of layouts. You can add tables to expand when needed, rearrange them in seconds whenever called for, efficiently store/nest them when required and even level tables on uneven floors. 

No matter which layout you create, everyone has a defined 30-inch workspace with a straight edge and a clear line of sight to colleagues. No one sits astride a table leg, writes over a seam or is squashed into a corner.


  • Whiteboard Top - Provides an instant creative surface wherever you need it. This dry-erase surface is ideal for jotting down ideas and quick notes in brainstorming sessions, collaborative settings and makerspace environments.
  • Choice of 2 Heights - 29" for Grades 6 through Adult or 27" for Grades 3-5 
  • Nesting - Kite tables are easily folded, moved and nested allowing you to make the most of your available space.
  • Narrow profile when folded - When in transit, the tables can fit through narrow doorways or corridors.
  • Levelling - 2 inches of levelling potential ensures the table-tops meet flush on uneven floors.
  • Inclusive usability - Kite tables can be quickly and easily assembled by one person - no heavy lifting and no need for a trolley.
  • Jewel Caster - The caster ensures Kite can perform like fixed-frame tables when the brakes are engaged. The dual-locking mechanism prevents the wheels rolling and twisting.


Product Specifications

Lead Time8-12 Weeks
Product Dimensions59" W x 29.5" D
Requires AssemblyYes
Freight Class150