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September 13, 2017 1 min read

School just started and the flu season is quickly approaching. So every year, you keep your classroom clean, you teach hygiene, encourage healthy eating and exercise, but have you tried meditation?

Meditation isn’t just for our mental health! A healthy, relaxed mind can help the body fight off infection. It just might help keep the flu at bay. In my scientific research, of one (me!), since I began meditating about 3 years ago, I have not had a cold once. Meditating gets my vote for mental and physical health!

From WebMd: Immune Booster: Meditation also helps ward off illness and infections. In one study testing immune function, flu shots were given to volunteers who had meditated for eight weeks and to people who didn’t meditate. Blood tests taken later showed the meditation group had higher levels of antibodies produced against the flu virus, according to the study in Psychosomatic Medicine.

Many teachers are bringing mediation into the classroom and having great results (in addition to the immune booster factor). Read how mediation helped one middle school classroom. In this classroom, Smiling Mind app was used. Here is a list of other apps available specifically for the classroom.

I would love to hear about experiences other educators have had with meditation in the classroom! Let us know if it helped keep you and your kids healthy.