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Clear Touch 6000A+ Series 65" Interactive Panel

NextGen Model #:

Designed for the Next Generation of Collaboration.

Collaboration between teachers and students has never been easier.

With intuitive interface and versatile software, our interactive panels empower a new generation of teaching and learning.

Smarter Solutions for Collaborative Classrooms. Clear Touch® interactive panels place lesson content at the core of the learning experience. Don’t struggle with finicky technology, projectors, or whiteboards. Spend more time engaging your students instead. If you have a favorite application, use it. Need to connect with a Mac one day and a PC the next? Go right ahead. If you’d prefer to use the panel’s bundled software options, just click on the icons—they’re ready to go. Our touch screen displays feature a familiar interface that complements your teaching style without competing for your class’s attention.

Meet The Ultimate Interactive Display. Introducing the 6000A+ series panels, the first EDLA-Certified Interactive Panels for education. With a sleek design, a powerful Android 13 OS, and a range of connectivity options, the 6000A+ series panels are easy to integrate with your existing devices and platforms. They also come with Clear Touch's award-winning software suite, which includes tools for collaboration, annotation, presentation, and gamification.

The 6000A+ series panels are more than just interactive displays. They are the ultimate solution for enhancing learning and engagement in any educational setting. Available in 65" and 75" size options, the 6000A+ series is one of the most versatile and powerful learning tools on the market.

Innovation Knows No Boundaries.  Immerse in effortless navigation, seamless responsive interactions, stunning high-resolution visuals, and captivating audio with the 6000A+ series. Perfect for all types of K-12 and Higher Education classrooms, the 6000A+ series elevates engagement and fosters the sense of collaboration within the educational world. The intuitive interface ensures easy navigation, making it user-friendly for educators, students, and IT professionals alike.

Optimized for Sound and Sight. The 6000A+ provides clear and immersive sound that can be heard by everyone in the room, even if they are sitting in the back. The top-oriented 2.2 sound bar ensures that sound is projected evenly throughout the room so everyone can hear clearly. A built-in 6-microphone array and convenient USB port for camera connection is ideal for a variety of applications, such as presentations, video conferencing, and distance learning.

Bring Your Favorite Apps with Google EDLA. The 6000A+ series interactive flat panel is the first in the industry to achieve EDLA certification native to the panel itself -- no need for additional hardware. Google EDLA provides panels with more security features, more app integrations, and more connectivity than ever before. Educators can access native Google applications such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Meet. Expand your possibilities with the Google Play Store and its vast library of educational apps, productivity tools, and more -- accessible right from the panel. Administrators have access to a number of security features, such as data encryption, device management, and application management to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Call it a packaged deal…everything you need is in the box! The A+ Series includes a WiFi module, a USB-C cable, and a wall mount with pre-installed brackets. Additional mounting capabilities are available with optional Adjustable Mobile Stand, Fixed Mobile Stand or Adjustable Wall Mount

Our software suite will make your life easier. Snowflake, Chorus, Collage and Command all come bundled with the purchase of your panel! There are no additional fees associated with data storage or ongoing subscriptions. Connect from any device to any application and choose to use either our bundled software or the third-party software of your choice. Use the software that provides the best fit for your classroom needs and store the content directly on the panel or in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.

• SNOWFLAKE - Lesson Plans at Your Fingertips
• CHORUS - Infinite Whiteboard
• COLLAGE - Real-Time Collaboration
• COMMAND - Remote Management

Hopefully You Won't Need It, But Just in Case…Clear Touch 6000A+ interactive panels are built to deliver exceptional performance in any educational or corporate setting, and we stand behind every panel with a 3-Year Warranty. If you would like to protect your investment even further, our optional extended warranties have you covered.

• 4K UHD resolution
• Up to 40 points of touch
• 2.2 sound channel with top mounted speakers
• USB-C cable (Audio, video, touch and power))
• Collaboration software without subscription
• Includes WiFi Module
• Includes Fixed Wall Mount with pre-installed brackets
• Optional Adjustable Mobile StandFixed Mobile Stand or Adjustable Wall Mount available (sold separately)
• Three Year Warranty


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions58.6" L x 35.74" H x 34" D (Display Area: 56.24" x 31.6")
Requires AssemblyNo
Freight Class100