What is Design Thinking?

Most of us have heard of STEM and Makerspaces, but what is Design Thinking? In the past few decades, a well-defined problem-solving method from the world of design has made significant inroads in higher education and the business world as well as the creative arts and humanities. Design Thinking is process in which to identify … Continue reading What is Design Thinking?

Getting Funding for Your New Classroom

We all have big dreams for the things that we’d like to do in our schools.  Designing active learning spaces.  Creating makerspace environments.  Putting powerful technology into the hands of our students. Unfortunately, our budgets aren’t always as big as our dreams.  The money is out there if you put in a little time and … Continue reading Getting Funding for Your New Classroom

Makerspaces on a Tight Budget

Even though it’s nice to dream of a makerspace with fancy gadgets and expensive technology, the truth is that you truly can start a makerspace with little or almost no budget. Here are 7 ways to create a Makerspace on a tight budget. 1. Spread the word Tap into the community. Chances are, parents will … Continue reading Makerspaces on a Tight Budget