Explorer Series Mobile Backpack Cart

NextGen Model #: 01044

The Pack Cart replaces the need for built in casework or lockers by providing mobile backpack storage while functioning as a multipurpose ideation tool. With a whiteboard on the back and two rotating columns and hooks for the backpacks, this solution is simple for a single person to move, providing easy access for the students and flexibility in classroom arrangement.

CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY - The Pack Cart assists in classroom management by conveniently storing 12 fully loaded back packs. Two rotating columns and steel hooks for the back packs make accessibility by the student very easy. The heavy duty hooks will support the many back pack styles that kids are using today and will keep the back packs off of the floor allowing for a more organized learning environment.

VERSATILITY - The Pack Cart comes standard with a white board surface on the back of the unit. Because the entire case is of metal construction magnetic markers and erasers can easily be attached for quick access. Equipped with heavy duty casters, the entire unit can easily be oriented so that the back side can serve as an ideation space for small groups or individual problem solving.

DURABILITY AND MOBILITY - The Pack Cart case is constructed with all metal components for a life time of use. With the integrated handle design, durable locking casters and all metal construction, the Pack Cart is perfect for active learning spaces that need to be re-configured for multiple learning modalities. As part of the Explorer suite of solutions, the Pack Cart easily supports dedicated and mobile makerspace environments and works seamlessly in any of todays collaborative learning spaces.

Platinum finish.

Shipped assembled.

Product Specifications

Lead Time8-10 weeks
Product Dimensions52" W x 26.5" D x 66" H
Requires AssemblyNo
Freight Class150