Dynamic Footrest with Swing Bar

NextGen Model #: 1424

Get into the swing of things.

The Dynamic Footrest with Swing Bar helps create a more active and ergonomic working environment.

Swing Bar allows users to easily stay active by moving the footrest bar while standing at a height-adjustable or standing desk, or while seated. This motion keeps workers moving throughout their day and encourages varying postures while working.

Using the footrest may help take pressure off of foot bones, which can provide ankle support and help promote circulation in the lower body, while helping to support a more ergonomic way to sit or stand. May help support ergonomic comfort and cardiovascular health, while potentially reducing fidgeting and increasing calorie burn, productivity and focus

Part of the Nextgen Active Collection of products designed to emphasize Ergonomics, Focus, Motion, and Health by promoting active movement throughout the day.


  • Pairs well with either standing or sitting desks or tables
  • Made of steel with a black powder coat finish for durability
  • Bar moves silently to not cause distraction
  • Footrest has a locking mechanism where the bar can swing upwards and lock into place in an upright position out of the way of the user, or for easy cleaning
  • CPSIA Certified; A CPSIA Certification provides evidence of compliance with applicable CPSIA safety requirements, including; 3rd party physical and analytical testing

Product Specifications

Lead Time5 days
Product Dimensions29" W x 22-3/4" D x 26-1/4" H
Requires AssemblyYes
Freight Class85