Desktop Sit/Stand Workstation

NextGen Model #: 1421

Desktop Sit/Stand Workstation clamps to the work area and holds the entire standing-height keyboard/monitor assembly allowing the user to move their “work surface" from sitting-height to standing position with a simple lift – no knobs or levers to adjust. Promotes better posture, optimal viewing comfort and helps alleviate eye strain while saving valuable work surface area

This product is part of the Nextgen Active Collection of products designed to emphasize Ergonomics, Focus, Motion, and Health by promoting active movement throughout the day.


  • Retrofits to most desks and work surfaces
  • Monitor and keyboard stand height are individually adjustable; Keyboard stand extends and retracts manually to adjust distance between screen and keyboard
  • Monitor provides tilt adjustment and locks into place
  • Manual lift and tilt mechanisms. No knobs or levers needed to make adjustments
  • Cables concealed within adjustable arm for a neat, cord and clutter-free desktop


Product Specifications

Lead Time5 days
Product Dimensions26" W x 10-3/4" D
Requires AssemblyYes
Freight Class70