KwikBoost EdgePower™ Single Battery Charger

NextGen Model #: 04176

Enjoy the convenient cordless charging of mobile devices.

The KwikBoost EdgePower™ desktop charging station system is a total solution for laptops and mobile devices in workspace and classroom environments. EdgePower eliminates extension cords by putting power right where you need it.

Capable of recharging an EdgePower Rechargeable Battery in 2 hours, the Single Battery Charger keeps you powered up and productive.

To create a complete system, the Single Battery Charger requires a KwikBoost EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit and at least one Rechargeable Battery (sold separately or in bundles).

• The Single Battery Charger works with an EdgePower portable charging station system
• EdgePower eliminates the need for extension cords and power strips, which are inconvenient, unsightly, and a potential trip hazard
• Can fully recharge an EdgePower Rechargeable Battery in 2 hours
• Compact design

Product Specifications

Lead Time4-7 business days
Freight Class70