How to Avoid Discussing Politics with Family During Holidays

  There is no question that this past year has been brutal for politics. Friends and family have blocked each other on social media, lines were drawn, sides were taken and the final vote counts left pretty much every one either reeling or reveling. Personal feelings aside, the holidays are upon us, which will likely be…

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Tips on Dealing with the Holiday Season at Work

The holiday season can be a very tricky time in the workplace. All those holiday parties, gift exchanges, feeding frenzies, and other holiday celebrations can get in the way of normal work activities, resulting in a significant loss of productivity. They can also make your colleagues who don’t observe the same holidays or celebrate them differently…

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december dilemma

Dealing with the December Dilemma

In recent years, some concerned citizens have expressed outrage with public schools promoting the religious aspects of Christmas, claiming they turn the classroom into a church. Others have expressed outrage with public schools acknowledging only the secular aspect of that holiday, without touching on the underlying reasons that it exists in the first place, especially…

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exercise ball for seating in classroom or workplace

Active Sitting Benefits in Classroom and Workplace

Research has shown that incorporating motion into the classroom (and the workplace) promotes creativity and learning. Students and adults need to move and this can help them feel active and alert, which in turn helps their learning and productivity. Motion in the Classroom In addition to incorporating physical activities into the classroom, Active Sitting is…

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Getting Funding for Your New Classroom

We all have big dreams for the things that we’d like to do in our schools.  Designing active learning spaces.  Creating makerspace environments.  Putting powerful technology into the hands of our students. Unfortunately, our budgets aren’t always as big as our dreams.  The money is out there if you put in a little time and…

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jack o'lantern, lantern, halloween

History of the Jack O’Lantern

The celebration of Halloween in America didn’t take off until waves of immigrants from Ireland and Scotland arrived in the mid-1800s. Pumpkins are native to North America, so while it’s not known exactly when the first pumpkin was carved and lit, the first mention of pumpkins jack o’lanterns comes at around the same time. In…

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kids coping with bad news on television

Helping Kids Deal with the Bad News on Television

In the past few weeks, every time you turn on the TV or hop onto social media, it seems that all we see is devastation—hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, a huge earthquake in Mexico and now the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Bad news seems to be everywhere and constantly on the news.…

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