Teacher’s Back-to-School Checklist


Three weeks before the term begins:• Hit the back-to-school sales for supplies
• Order any supplies your district allows.
• Gather the other supplies you may need.
• Create a course overview for the year.
• Join at least one professional organization.
• Decide on the resources you will need for each unit of study
• Create unit plans

Two weeks before the term begins:• Create a syllabus or planner for your students.
• Make sure the equipment in your room is in working condition.
• Brainstorm a list of classroom management solutions.
• Create/revise your class rules and procedures.
• Put your classroom in order.
• Set up your desk and files.

The last week before the term begins:• Obtain the school forms you will need.
• Be prepared for emergency drills.
• Create a daily routine for attendance.
• Write a letter to parents or guardians introducing yourself.
• Investigate the Web page site you want to use to set up your class Web Page.
• Write out your first three weeks of daily plans.
• Study your class rosters so you can be familiar with names.
• Create an alphabetical seating chart.

The day before school starts: • Finish any last minute tasks.
• Ask any last minute questions.
• Make a final curriculum and room check.
• Get plenty of rest.

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